About TIBA - Uganda

About TIBA Uganda Project

This study focuses on the risk of cattle reservoir to transmission of Rhodesiense sleeping sickness and involves a multi-disciplinary approach commonly known as the 'One Health approach' to Trypanosomiasis control in Uganda.

The project is aimed at tracking the findings from the areas initially indicated to have very high prevalence of T.b.rhodensiense so that the current situation is obtained and also improve on the control measures to eliminate sleeping sickness in Uganda.

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Prof. Charles Waiswa
Principal Investigator

Executive Director, Coordinating Office for Control of Trypanosomiasis in Uganda

Prof. Susan. C. Welburn
Co-Principal Investigator

Director of the Global Health Academy and Assistant Principal for Global Health at The University of Edinburgh

Dr. Charles Wamboga
Co-Principal Investigator

Sleeping sickness control National coordinator, Ministry of Health

Mandela Robert Wangoola
Project Manager

Program Officer, COCTU

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